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letra de mindscrape - cianide


mind you see
through walls of being.
built on terror
from life around.

see the world
from which you came.
you have no part
but to be enslaved.

lurking into
the unknown fear.
signs of life
which have past.
sickening pain.
final breath
is your last.

[chorus 2:]
time to pray
the choice is free
time to pray
succ-mb to greed

torturing your mind,
caved-in surroundings.
forcing outbreak,
trapped by inner-self.

ever-growing need
from what to expect.
future holds nothing
life is a wreck.


pay for remorse
of which to pay.
life of suffering
dying day.

[chorus 2]

masters of greed
from which you feed.
no escape
from this world of hate