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letra de i believe in god - church of rhythm


a man walked up to me the other day
he was very educated and he had a lot of things to say
he was oh so forward thinking and so very up to date
and he wanted to teach me about faith
he said how can you believe in a thing you’ve never seen?
he said how can you believe with all the evil that we have seen?
he said don’t you know that no one believes in your simple old fashioned faith

i said i believe in god
i said i believe in the impossible
i said i believe in god
though none go with me i will follow

he said man i’ve been to a church
he said i’ve been lied to, judged and hurt
he said all i heard was guilt and hypocrisy, why believe?
isaid friend, you didn’t meet my god that day
i said friend, sit down let me tell you about grace
i said i’ve been where you are some yesterday, but today,
i believe

i said i’ve been saved by faith
i said jesus loves me this i know
i said i believe in grace
and where he lead me i will follow

don’t turn away,
please don’t close your eyes
if i did not believe with all that i am
i would not waste your time