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letra de the bad boyz - chubb rock


[chubb rock]
chubb is a loveable guy, not a teddy riley group
it deeply bruise me, greaves me if you say i’m soup
i’m really not, and i don’t really think i am
but i’m convinced, that i can make a funky jam
so if you wanna, support the man that’s gonna
jump up on the scene deliver lyrics that are sorta mean
with the cream of the crop, chubb rock will never stop
showin his intelligence quotient, things are potent
prime time rhymes that’s floatin blowin and knowin
that it’s goin to be considered the topic i’ve hithered
feelings between the music scene
while i move to the groove like akeem. olujawon
the don upon the team that plays real calm, ego all gone
chubb doesn’t like to be hyper
i wait for my prey and then i react like a tiger
clip up, pick up, rip them all up and
and then i heard my history callin
readin readin, chubb never had a clue
and this is not what i was taught in school and
decoyed, made every grade was a ploy
that mislead the head of the bad boy – robin!

[ms. robin – patois best guess]
a gwan chubb, ah do gwan chubb
a gwan chubb, yes ah gwan chubb
oh a gwan chubb, lord ah gwan chubb
me nah stop chubb til me get some cash
ahh ms-ah-robin ah de cream of de crop
say lightning ah flash, an’ thunder a clap
an’ watch everyting known as stars just a crash
the tea for the spoon and de fork on de plate
and de tv on de bed an’ de watch said not
now lord miss-ah-robin say you no-oh-fi-chat
ah-when you a-chat me say ya knot on bark
ah wha gwan chubb, yes a gwan chubb, hmmm

[chubb rock]
last summer, my tune went to number
two on the countdown, i had a frown
on my grill cause i knew that until i went
to number one i couldn’t consider myself the one
but the one came back with a hardcore devilish rap
fully strapped, definitely aimed at
things that made me, no one can pay me
enough to sell out, call a bluff and huff
and blow the house down that i built
and meeting old homeboys like giz and milk
definitely happy – howie tee kept me
on the level of a star so the squads can sweat me
cause chubb rock always seem to rock the place
peace to the homeboys amityville and mase
on the anita baker tip i’m gonna bring ya joy
the overjoy of the bad boy – robin!

[ms. robin – patois best guess]
dem ah come, lord dem a come
yes dem ah come, yes dem a come
a wicked go my tongue when de fire start burn
de wicked dem gon melt like? against sun
de fire a gon burn down de ‘ouse of sodom
de fire a gon burn down de man we touch by?
lord dem a come, lord dem a come
so dem have dem gone but me ah ‘ave none
me take off on di foot and me started to run
but when me come back me say di fight cyan’t done
i’m suh-robin come out wit de baddest can done
lord dem a come, yes dem a come
lord dem a come.



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