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letra de let's bounce - christy carlson romano


waiting for the start of something
before we go out of our minds
all of this doing nothing is taking up too much time

there’s gotta be something better
something that we can do
time to get the party started
everybody’s there too

you’ve got the wheels
i’ve got the feels
we’ve got whatever it takes
she’s got the groove
he’s got the moves
everybody’s ready to play

so let’s bounce!
into something new
let’s bounce
cause we all want to
let’s shout
gonna have some fun
everybody everyone

let’s bounce
get the party on
let’s bounce
gonna dance till dawn
let’s shout
gonna all tone down
everybody everywhere

let’s bounce baby!

time for you to let your hair down
time to b-mp up the shelf
everyone is going crazy
working just the way we planned

you’ve got the style
i’ve got the wild
we’ve got the place to be
she’s got the moves
he’s got the groove
everybody’s ready to play


big apple to la
all around the world today
you know we’ve gotta make it loud
wooh!! you know i’m ready baby!
let’s bounce


let’s bounce
let’s bounce
let’s shout
everybody everywhere

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