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letra de f.u.s.s. (interlude) - christina aguilera


f.u.s.s. (interlude)

you know who you are
this is for you

hmmm, yeah, ooh yeah, ohh

i thought i knew who you were
i see now you were a lesson to learn
and all i am to you now is a bridge that’s been burned
now i was the first to believe
i made you part of my musical dream
and your thanks to me, came without an apology, yeah

we wrote loving me 4 me, don’t walk away
can’t hold us down, all part of our history
don’t forget infatuation, i’m a fighter
feeling underappreciated

yeah, this song is for you to remind you
that i moved on, sang my songs,
i’ve got no regrets

mmhmm, ohh

hope it all was worth it, uh
looks like i didn’t need you
still got the alb-m out