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letra de soul fire - christafari


soul fire
(ii tim. 1:6-7 &i thes. 5:19)

do not quench the spirit’s flame that burns deep within
because god did not give us the spirit of timidity but the spirit of power
hit it while it is hot, light the flame you will never be the same 1,2,3,

chorus: soul fire! it burns in my soul my desire is for you to take control
soul fire! it burns in my heart my desire is for you to be a part of the fellowship of the unashamed with the holy spirit’s power light the flame, claim victory over attacking wicked one so when the enemy tries to test you (challenge) fretful they are going to run back to satan with their tails between their legs. booyaka booyaka all of the evil spirits are to be dead (eph 6:10-18) oo ey oo ey – bust a shot in their head. cop it cop it cop it full lead because the gospel it absolutely has to be spread. chorus. my desire is for you to be a part of the discipleship that is going to change your life, in reading and prayer and no compromise there is that time in your life when you then realize that you cannot have be living in harmony with god without sacrifice. you have to give up your house give up your car give up your life give up your friends, family, give up your wife give up your heart, give up your strength, mind and your soul place them at god’s feet and he’ll take up control. chorus 2x. i say the heathen are backed up against the wall so come let us follow god’s call 4x. who said i am done? chorus. my desire is for you to be a part so i will do anything just to see you get saved, love more than i loved, and give more than i gave. i will lean by faith, and now live by presence, live by prayer, and power, and love by patience. i will not shut up, give up, let up, or slow up, until i’ve preached up, paid up, stored up, and stayed up, i must go till he comes, give till i drop, preach till all know, and work till he stops. i’m going to fan the flame that burns deep inside
because it is the spirit in which i abide! chorus 2x control!