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letra de come children - christafari


was there a time that you could cry, and never try your tears to hide?

was there a place where you could go, where secrets live and feelings show?

for as we grow and childhood fades we build our walls we complicate while somewhere deep inside cries that lonely child

chorus: well come god’s children say god wants you to come, come let us rest in our fathers arms. well come god’s children say god wants you to come because god’s love, i say it will never end (is eternal). did you ever fall asleep in your fathers arms “come, come, come, come children, so calm a heart so full and free from harm? ” “. come now once again we return again to that quiet place ” “. set free just to live again in his sweet embrace ” “.

so many on their quests for peace a shelter where their hearts can rest still held by chains built up from pain, could never trust enough to love again so let jah love come enter in and in time you will begin to find and to love as the child deep with in your soul. chorus.