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letra de dark side - chris webby


dark side
(feat. emilio rojas)

you’re fulfilling your destiny anakin
become my apprentice, learn to use the dark side of the force
i will do whatever you ask

[chris webby]
you’ve now been welcomed to the evil side, better start small
when the dark calls, better play it how the cards fall
this is hard ball, spit so cold your car stalls
webby got that dark side sh-t, darth maul
sith lord, super shredder with a big sword
jaws in the flesh, you’re a kid up on a kick board
nighty night for you the second that they let the shark loose
little footed punks ain’t ever f-cking with a sharp tooth
webby gonna take ’em to the dark side
ain’t n-body messing when the bars fly
every single one of us going to h-ll
so why not make sure we all fry?
this my spot and i call 5′s
gotta chick next to me hog tied
every single b-tch in the vicinity better duck for cover
the f-cking second that the dog bite
ain’t n-body crazier than chris
i’ma f-ck the game raw and have a baby in this b-tch
so just follow to the dark side
gps, type it in
and you will never end up goin’ home again

take a walk into the dark side
i don’t know just where i’m going, but so far it’s been a h-ll of a ride
welcome to the dark side
there’s a devil in all us all you gotta do is just let it inside
welcome to the dark side

[emilio rojas]
it’s 2012, and i’m boning everything raw, i’m f-cking the world in it
i’m running and aids clinic on a mission to get a new girlfriend
and i’m in that waiting room i got em edible arrangements
cuz nothin’ says let’s f-ck with no rubber like fruit bouquets b-tch
no wwjd (nah) everyone of my brothers are crazy (nah)
it wasn’t my mother who raised me (nah)
i come from the gutter that made me, huh?
from the roc where the blocks is bad
and kids go to school through zombie land
even though them all live in crombie land
and nah they don’t get drunk they hit molly man
meth heads on they death beds
chicken heads livin’ for their nest eggs
her mother was strugglin’ with addiction
so she been into drugs since she breast fed
so depressant and they ain’t no exception
no cold edge, just co-defendants
vacant buildings with their full attendece, with vacant stairs, you got no expression
take you there if you want, i got demons boy they do haunt
seein’ people havin’ that tone, now that’s the reason we all flaunt
i was born with nothin’ i’ma die for somethin’
otherwise i done been alive for nothin’
i earned it all they provided nothin’, even if i have to join the dark side and touch it


your arrogance blinds you, master yoda
now you will experience the full power of the dark side