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letra de 2theface - chris vayle


two percs down, i’ve been losing my touch (yeah)
take it to the face, i ain’t having enough (yuuh)
no i’m not the when i’m off of these drugs (yeah)
i know she not the same cause she ain’t give me no love (yeah)
why didn’t you go like that? maybe i’m losing track
three pills – my pulse go flat, i’m never coming back
i pull the curtain, numb to the hurting
i know you’ve been lurking me
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

(congratulations, you’ve won)

(?) i do the dash, i don’t care bout’ no hoe
only thing she want from me, is all my dough
kicking through your door, where you at? (?)
coming home, coming down

stuck to the ceiling, off that feeling, please don’t let me fall
(?) k!lling me, wanna love (?), i’m too involved
i’m so high, these street lights turning into shooting stars
lil baby can’t mess my speed up, promise it won’t do no harm
(harms way)
just woke up of (?), need two more in me
say i’m so far gone, exactly what it seems
f-ck the night up, and never go to sleep – sleep
i could die right now (?) i’m out of dreams