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letra de 007 freestyle - chop


007 freestyle (feat. 3-15)

1st verse: (chop)
i’m in my own division./
quit your b-tchin’./
palms are itchin’,/
for dollar-getting./
this is wisdom./
i’m switchin’ my flows,/
so all you b-tches will know,/
i’m a k!ller like there’s a tag on your toe./
don’t brag about your b-tch if i know that i can enter the ho./
i got throw-away lines./
i throw my mind on these rhymes./
i come at your blind side./
if you p-ssy, i’ll end your life nine times./
you transparent, copycat, parrot./
you couldn’t bite my style; you couldn’t even tear it./
i wouldn’t even share it./
f-ckin’ like a rabbit while i’m eatin’ a carrot./
if you’re in my presence,/ this is somethin’ that you should cherish,/ ya b-tch

[bridge] (3-15)
it’s rap or die ’til the death of me
it’s runnin’ in my veins
ain’t a beat that’s a threat to me
see me sw-ngin’ in the lane.]

2nd verse: (3-15)
i could give you a basic flow./
sooner or later, we gotta face it though./
gettin’ impatient; barely make a placement
tryna figure out how to make it inspirational./
chasin’ the dream; f-ck chasin’ hoes./
been on tracks since oh-eight; a racin’ pro./
been a lyricist since sixth grade -i swear to god this rap rhymin’ makes me brainsick, yo./
fakin’, no./
i’m simply an mc with a habit of blazin’ dro./
an addict for beats when a girl shakes it, whoa./
sweet tooth for eye candy that makes it grow./
oh, man; should i slow down?/
are you that simple-minded?/
isolated from the whole town./
n0body listens when fif is rhymin’./
that’s why i say what i wanna say; this whole town can suck my d-ck./
e’rybody a rapper or a model; i’ve become fed up with it./
so i spit somethin’ sick./
puttin’ myself aside from others that simply wanna look the part./
spittin’ my writtens; envision my wisdom and take in the beat i took apart./
i shouldn’t start,/
but i’ve already begun -i must finish off with more believers./
i could follow the crowd, but i’m destined among important leaders/ -i swear
whether or not my verse astonishes, it accomplishes./
i’ll be d-mned anyone compares me to you obnoxious kids./

it’s fif, yo