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letra de to mom & dad - chloè ligon


yea i know yea i know hey
said i know yea i know hey

the memories
i seek it in my mind
when i’m searching for peace
nostalgia just hittin me
for my depression that’s the remedy
remember days holding ya hand
ya lil baby
when i tripped & i fall loved the comfort they bring
if i need them i’ll call it’ll only be one ring
now i’m over here so tall while i chase & race for my dreams
hopefully my mommy will be proud of me
rapping now, i travel around me
sees it takes a lot out me
i should have no doubt
the way she’ll see the smile on me
when i write a new song
& people say they proud of me
here i go
living life on my own
follow what you taught me though
mind ur business
try not to take things in life so personal
i just hope that they will see
how much that i see in me
that’s why i just need to go
embrace all that i believe in me

mama just tell you
i know yea i knoww
i’m right there
father just tell you i know
yea i knoww
i’m right there x2