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letra de blackjack - chesca (chesca raiola)


napalm imma burn that b-tch face off
jet set jettin’ then we just take off
i work 24 while she get laid off
rude c-nt and the attitude pay off
i slit a b-tch throat cuz i got bored as f-ck
i sent a b-tch home then that b-tch house blew up
i told that b-tch mama bout it then that b-tch threw up
she’s out of luck i’m out of-
f-ck with a b-tch, yeah a b-tch like me
give it an hour then pd lookin’ for your body
i’m shootin’ shots, her block lookin’ like a cod lobby
i ate a b-tch straight up, call her teriyaki
only terror i see is the terror i be
so much ice up on my neck i’m terribly pricy
if you speakin’ to me you bettеr do it politely
know no one can competе, and b-tch it terrifies me
yeah i see what they see, yeah i see what they mean
yeah my bars are so addictive i’m an amphetamine
like a drug up in your vein it take a year to get clean
if a b-tch f-ck with me, desert eagle, end scene

but rip to that girl
cuz that’s the price you gotta pay up in chesca’s world
i got the uzi and its spittin’ cuz i been that girl
i’ll let the bullets rain down then i gave a twirl
i make these b-tches hurl
i make these b-tches cry
these b-tches wanna die
i drop off a drive by
i’ll shoot em’ up sky high
in court i might deny
i might just have to lie
“i didn’t k!ll that guy!”
shut a b-tch up put a gun in her face
said i do what i want pull away in the range
with the vamp buss down runnin’ up with the fangs
she a bum ass clown might get hit with a bang
and i pop pop pills so they callin’ me miss pac
95 out don’t get capped like a snapback
21 bullets in her brain like blackjack
21 mill up in the bank i got big stacks
big rack, nice titties, fat ass
she dumb, stupid, no class
i fly dubai, first class
she fly spirit, i laugh
i laugh, i know you wanna be me
i pop sh-t while i’m eatin’ fettuccine
i get high said i fly up in the breezy
kesha teas, i might get a little sleazy
and i meant that sh-t
problem? you can suck my cl-t
bad b-tch and they asked for it
they said chesca please drop another hit
so i did it
i hopped on the beat and i slidded
a b-tch show her neck and i’ll slit it
if you don’t stan me you just don’t get it
if you don’t love me you might get deaded
i’ll put you in a blender b-tch you get shredded
i’m goin’ to the top yeah that’s where i’m headed
you girl look scared the faces look dreaded
i am not sorry for the things i do
i’m doin’ me and…
wait, who are you?

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