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letra de the 360 remix with robyn and yung lean* - charli xcx


[lyrics from snippets]

[verse 1: charli xcx]
they all wanna sound like me
they all wanna be like lean
dress so fresh and so clean
rock with the diamonds on the sleeve
breathing in the stockholm breeze
get with robyn on the beat

[verse 2: yung lean]
uh, ey, get with robyn on the beat
sweet cameras flashing hit the scene
with robyn and charli
pull up to the party
three white lines
split the lime and the bacardi
icons in the flesh
you’re just a demon at a party
mayor of my town
david beckham in the noughties
yeah, i hear it calling

[verse 3: robyn, charli xcx]
pick it up, darling
london calling
then i go prancing
yeah, i go all in
hey, why you do it so cold?
i’m the realest ever, yeah
that’s what i’ve been told
k!lling this sh-t since 1994
got everybody in the club dancing all alone
see charli xcx live
get tickets as low as $44
[chorus: yung lean, charli xcx & yung lean]
i got this supersonic
push up on it
right in your head
i got-

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