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letra de november 10th - charles hamilton


guess who’s back with another dope track
it’s crazy i may need another prozac pill
i’m i’ll but you brothers know that
and if you disagree you don’t fckin know rap
i was nice before but now i’m dum betta
i need a girl gone wild with a umbrella
i’m sorry omarion
but i’m all on rion than you hardly are
this the genesis of rap
you a tragion
how the h-ll can the beat make a party song
i jus did it, just spit it during mardigar
i broke the start b-tton we can hardly pause
i play sonic when i’m blowing that chronic
pick my favorite rock n roll topic
you hear the rings
i got to go shopping
stop the flow… not
you dock the robot
all you do it run
you ain’t nothin but tails
you don’t use knuckles
you fckin up tails
whoops… that’s disney
kids should dig me
but their daddy is a pr-ck and he quick to dis me
swiss do you mind if i rip with this beat
the other gon probably rip thru history
life is a b-tch
big hip and t-tties
i am a pimp she gon give me ripsby
sick too sick to get rip for sh-t
this is a hit that can’t flip the gently
ya’ll think it’s funny but it ain’t
i got no money in the back like the b-tch was swiss beats
doesn’t really matter cause i own this sh-t
it’s me by myself
all alone and sh-t
if you don’t like it hit me on the phone and sh-t
but i ain’t got a phone so blow my d-ck

don’t take anything for granted, granted
every single day you been handed, canned
crazy but you need to manage
and it’s how god’s see’s you’re the last one standing
live everyday like it’s your birthday [x3]
it’s your birthday… it’s your birthday

i was born 1987… [? ]… and my birthday was november 10th
my mama was an angel and my dadddy was too drunk to really give a sh-t
but it doesn’t matter
it’s my life and it’s my world
you other m-th-rfckers living in
so everyone get a glipse
how a rock star rebel gets down
gotta go
gotta live
from negative to positive

after the bridge coast rapping the kid
i mean the kid comes rapping… that’s wat it is
take a rock star girl back to the crib
play tracks for a bit, then we at it again
back shot, front shot
yea i got her dum hot
you so nasty
we only taking jump shots
and she lost cause my g is mean
i mean my j is mean but you know wat i mean
she got a good grip, grip on the ball
but one good block and she hitting the wall
she keeps on traveling, it’s p-ssing me off
d-mn they don’t make it like this anymore
this is all just a sport when i’m bored
by the way i ain’t talking bout sports anymore
by the way i ain’t talking bout sports anymore
by the… haha… aw man

let me tell ya’ll n-gg-z something
i’m bout to be 20 fckin years old… 20!
that’s mean i made it thru 20 years of this bullsh-t
and you know what’s the same… my name
charles hamilton!
charles eddie lee hamilton jr.
but since that b-tch -ss n-gg- that calls himself a pops ain’t a pops
it’s charles hamilton
the last living hamilton… wat up!