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letra de tone for life - chamillionaire


“tone for life”
(feat. famous)

i do need to do that
[“famous” echoes]

uhh, fly with the stars cause i’m high
so high lord will i survive?
i believe that kush is my prize
when i pine, best believe it’s the fire
don’t worry about me, i wanna get higher
now p-ss that sweet, and p-ss that lighter
y’all my sons, j.r., no ryder
sucker mc’s outta call me sire
uh, i’m so san anton’ i’m king
i only gave, you a crown just to shoot it out the beam
gave san anton’ my dream
that’s on e’rythang, spit fire that you n-gg-z can’t exting-
-guish that you could f-ck with me but you cain’t
thinkin that we on the same level but we ain’t
let’s see how vivid of a picture i can paint
so you really understand the position that i rank
first solo mixtape, that’s me
empire of the whole 3d, let’s see oh
free live, o-r-i-p-c
f e’rybody else, you bet’ not diss me
i just got a call from my n-gg- kill zone
he say “fame, cnl, why you not in the tone?”
i gotta man up, get in my zone
just know when i come home kinfolk it’s on
i been around the world, y’all been around the state
boys always say they hungry why they never got a plate?
so before you try and tell ’em that i’m fake
you should save i saved the tone and i really need a cake

you know that i’ma rep this tone sh-t for life
for life, for life
you’ll never blow because yo’ lyrics ain’t tight
ain’t tight, ain’t tight
i’m so official other rappers just hype
just hype, just hype
y’all gettin left i’m gettin all the way right
way right, way right

[outro: famous singing]
yeah; i’m on that tone sh-t
still in the zone b-tch
and i be on my grind
all of that hating
i don’t condone it
you know the whole city’s mine
you know that i’ma rep this tone sh-t for life
for life, for life
these other n-gg-z out here ain’t livin right
livin right, livin right