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lexi foot diss - ch3rry cola


[verse 1]
[?] ass hoe, i don’t f-ck around
if you f-ck with my man, i’ll burn your house down
tasty, delicious. and i’m trashy
i know all the men drop down for me
i [?] lexi foot’s man
she’s a cry-baby, she tried to k!ll herself
i [?] baby
she said b—ner, tranny and f-ggot
she has 7 uti’s, don’t f-ck her

ya, it’s cool that she hits a vape. and has a fetish of being raped
she takes everything way too far. shecums in a my little pony jar

i’m better then her in every way
she acctualy believes she talked to a [?]
disrespects religion in every way
copy’s everything i say

she’s fat as f-ck, can’t touch her toes
[?] she snorts up her nose
herfriends are fake,paid me to bully her
one day, i could get her on [?]
i met 1,200 people who hate her guts
she thinks she’s bad, so always playing [?]
swinging her fists, always threatening me
she looks like a [?] from scream queens
[verse 2]
she can’t find a guy to save her life
she has to cat-fish them for themto like her
12 brothersand they all wanan f-ck her
she thinks she’s bad but she’s fat as f-ck
she can’t take a selfie without looking like a [?]
she thinks she’s [?] but shes really not
she’s whiter then me. can you belive that?
[?] name is annoying cuz thats the first thing she’s ever heard like

[verse 3]
she thinks she ate but she didn’t
she litterly eats nothing but craft mac and cheese like
she needs to sit the f-ck down and get humble
hire some freaks, rape her on the couch
but i’mout of money
she sounds like a crow
she acts like she’s thick but she’s fat as h-ll
she pretends like she’s bad as h-ll
she got offened cuz someone said she had brown nipples

[verse 4]
tasty’s what she said when she saw a [?]
she eats sh-t and [?]
she once told me she fingured her ass
all she doseis just [?]
she hasa asian fetish, can you believe that?
she manipulates her friends to hate on me
but in truth i turned all her friends against her
when she came to the [?] they said “i guess enter.”
[verse 5]
tasty like the diva i am
sam i am dosen’t want her [?]
her roast beefs give h.i.v
she looks like a [?] from scream queens



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