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letra de euphoric dream - celesty


screaming, searching, euphoric shadow.
screaming, searching, euphoric dream.
phantoms in the heart of darkness hide behind the moonlight.
keeping their faces secret, unknown.
take their hands and go with them, they’re here to help through weakness.
they guide your way to the unknown land again.

and they believe i’ll become real with this beautiful dream.
(now it’s time) to start my journey to my home, cross my way and cry for help.
fly with the wind to the gates of destiny.
fly together.
beware on your way when you walk through mysteries.
they free my mind.
you are the key who can save this century, screaming the name of our land together that we serve forever more.

where am i?
this place feels unreal.
my mind is floating around.
but i know, i’m returning back home.
then dark legions will fall to the night where the demons will sear their lost souls.
i’m suddenly awake again and free from all those voices.
sounds in the wind are dancing in silence.
i know what i have to do; i have no time for waiting.
now starts the time when war begins again.

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