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letra de 02 shit (remix) - cdot honcho


[verse 1: cdot honcho]
i’m in camo but this valentino
i be winning but i got a cheat code
put that heat on yo -ss jalapeño
fonem gon’ cover me like a gazebo
look like i hit a casino
i finna squeeze with these hoes from toronto
that really f-ck puerto rico
thinkin’ it’s sweet funna borrow an auto
that b-tch gon’ clean up a street though, (b-tch)
all up in nemen’s i cop it i’m leavin
i left out that b-tch with like three rolls
i got yo b-tch and that b-tch that b-tch borrowed
i told her keep that on the d low
plus her og be getting that drank
i guess i ain’t shit but a free load
let that hundred round go for a minute
i really ain’t thinking bout reload
fonem might pop up and be in yo kitchen
they only be thinkin bout unloadin
smokin that gas i ain’t p-ssin my wood
cus that’s how that b-tch get to unrollin’
nigga you better not slide in this hood
i’m sorry how shit get to unfoldin’
i let like 25 hop out that ar
hop in that coop and then i’m rollin’
i got three b-tches but we do not lay up
i hit them hoes and then i’m rollin’
kidnap yo b-tch boy yo -ss better pay up
24 hours or she goin’
thinkin’ it’s funny we not joking
bring us that money or we smokin’
poor up that wok then i’m floatin, (drank)
gimme that wok b-tch i’m wide open
b-tch try to act like she boogie she saw me with guap
in a minute she wide open
my auntie told me that them niggas be hatin’
i told her don’t worry cus i’m knowin’
and rock always with me don’t do no debatin’
anything funny go he blowin’
i got that rari parked up by the terminal
pull up you making the article
fonem got shit that the navy and army do
turning yo shit to a particle
yeah i be running to racks
i don’t got a back but i ball like carter do
i hit yo b-tch in the back
with rockets around i feel like harden do

[verse 2: rich the kid]
f-cking that lil b-tch, met her on melrose, slumped over, ride a camaro
i can not kick it with none of these rappers cause most of these niggas be homo (b-tch!)
she suck my d-ck and get kicked out the backdoor, i used to trap out the bando (trap!)
broke, niggas ain’t getting no combo, look at my wrist, it’s a condo
feds hit the ki, but i’m talking a kilo, look like i hit a casino
send me them birds, i need them pronto, i met the plug, alonso
huh, what, might take your chain like deebo, back in the trap like nino
went in the game got a cheat code, i walk up with too many c-notes
forever my charm, ice on my arm, your baby mom, wide open
i make her c-m, she going dumb, i got them hundreds, they right on me
i’m in the drank too sleepy, pussy too wet, got her leaking
she a, real, eater, ride with dead, people

[verse 3: cdot honcho]
ever since all them labels on me, all the b-tches and haters on me
you can jump at yo risk, just know it ain’t shit to put all them lasers on heat
i just got me a 8, my b-tch say she hate when i put all that drank up in me
i be higher than a b-tch, if you tryna get d-ck, you a forever be waiting on me, aye
my hoodie box logo supreme, up in my trunk got a carbon 15
i just put a kit in my truck, so when i stop, i’m smokin’ the scene
my b-tch gone get what she want, we dt, just left the celine
a nigga could try if he want, really ain’t gone see shit but a beam!