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letra de 02. tight knit family - cast of falsettos


well, the situation’s this
its not tough to comprehend
i divorced my wife
i left my child
and i ran off with a friend

but i want a tight-knit family
i want a group that harmonizes
i want my wife and kid and friend
to pretend
time will mend
our pain
so the year is seventy-nine
so we don’t go by the book
we all eat as one-
wife, friend, and son-
and i sing out as i cook

i love my tight-knit family
i love the way they cook linguine
isn’t it great? we’re all so swell
such a dear clientele

i swear we’re gonna come through it
i fear we’ll probably fight
but nothing’s impossible
live by your wit-
kid, wife, and lover will have to admit
i was right
i cushioned the fall
i want it all
i want it all
i want it