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letra de gametime - cassidy



2k (2k11)

[chorus x2]
it’s game time, game time (game time)
i can’t change my frame of mind
it’s game time
i been at it jumping i got hangtime
cuz i’m a dude that can’t lose the game mine
thats why i ball and go hard at the same time

its game time but ain’t no games gettin played
me going broke is like michael jordan gettin braids
i do my thing my chain, frozen lemonade
the ice on my breath remind me of frozen minute maid
i still shine when i’m in the shade
i got a chef, a chauffer, a gopher, and a maid
and i don’t like whats on the radio getting played
or none of those videos that’s getting made
i ain’t trying to misbehave i’m trying to straighten up
so don’t believe nothing that the media making up
i’m trying to get my paper up and ball like 2k
you only good as your last game i came to play

[chorus x2]

i’ma let the people know why i feel this way
i’ve got sons i got to feed i got bills to pay
aye, ain’t go do what the game will do
but see i’m trying to maintain i’ve got things to do
and just to name a few of the moves i make
i ball and refuse to hate
i refuse to take a loss
i’m a boss so my schedule tight
but least i ain’t in the precint getting read my rights
lifes short and i know that my time will come
that’s why i’ma try to shine till my time is done
so come on
you gotta keep goin keep improving
slow motion better than no motion keep it movin

[chorus to fade]

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