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letra de cash rules - cassidy


(feat. bone thugs-n-harmony, eve)

evee e
and bone thugs [x4]

yo to get the cash i get the mask
my trigga finga itch so i’m quick to blast
i’m quick to spaz i’ll strip ya -ss
put a bullet in the clip and come get ya -ss
n-gg- this bones an mista cash
n-gg-s on my d-ck like you with them cats
n-gg-s never heardd me spit this fast got n-gg-s on the strip if you hit the gl-ss
(yo switch it cas)
i can change the flow
yo you the type of cat that give my name to po po
you a rat, you a lame with no doe
push ya weight back when i bang the fo fo
i grip it and blast for it
n-gg- you can get it if you ask for it
i can spit it in fast fowardd
(or i can go it slower)
chop and screw it
had the whole midwest rockin to it
had the whole ddown south snappin to it
get the whole east coast back into it
i’m the cat to do
whole west coast gone bang to this
i ddo this for my n-gg-s with cain to pitch
they never should have let me get the hang of this
now i spit game so dangerous
i’m amazin homes
when i raise the chrome
put the laza on then blaze the chrome
thou shall never f-ck with layzie bone
can’t forget wish and krayzie bone
and bes believe that if you f-ck with eve i’m gonna kill you
i rep to the def
f to the s man it don’t get no reala

[chorus: x2]
i’m a tell you like a n-gg- told me
i’m a tell you like a n-gg- told me
i’m a tell you like a n-gg- told me
cash rulez everything around me

[krayzie bone:]
n-gg-s better listen to the warnin
run up on a n-gg- he die
can’t find him till the mornin
believe me ain’t scared to put it on ya
leave you in a feild in califonia
n-gg- make money, get money, big money
casue when a motha f-cka broke ain’t sh-t funny
betta believe
cash rule everything around me
so don’t bring yo broke -ss around me
n-gg- wigga?
for the scrilla
dolla billa
and in the middle of the drama i’m gonna be goin inside of ya pocket
for the profit
so drop it
n-gg- this cas and bone
light up some hash and p-ss the chrome
any n-gg- with a missunderstandin gone get handled
and that’s for sho

[wish bone:]
n-gg- shut it down
we ddont f-ck around
if a n-gg- disrespect make him lay ddown
you can get it in the street
and i’m raised up
n-gg- lay face ddown
n-gg- give me that sh-t
what i’m posed to do
when a n-gg- ridde through
with his moneyy i want itt
what i’m tryin to say been doin this stuff
fake n-gg-s ddt want ittt
hit hard drop a body guard
you don’t want what’s over here
n-gg- betta watch ya braud
cause she’ll tell it all
andd we will bring it over there
n-gg- this bone and cas who can f-ck with that
ain’t no body gone rat we no that
make a n-gg- bow down
cut him all in the face
his hole camp on hush
n-gg- that’s our ways


[layzie bone:]
betta give me my money man
i ain’t runnin games
me an lil cas like one in the same
we want it, we need it you betta believe it
an if you ain’t got it we gunnin mann
i ain’t askin twice i never been that nice
no n-gg-s been killed for a game of dice
he come short on the dept and he paid the price
stayin at home with a safety light
choose to gamble
mista ramble
n-gg- like that get made example
i’m a tell you like a biggy sample
come short on the ddope
get ya contract canceled
i’m out sidde first with pleny of amo
this full surface nig hard to handle
n-gg- run up betta bet he get dismantled
got him glues to the tank? can’t change the chanel

i was born to be a rich b-tch
can’t ever block me from this ddoe
n-gg- riddiculous
ya you see me
ermez? head to toe
n-gg- witness
you can’t stop me pop on the jet head to paris for a hour
jus to cop me a dress
you call it crazy
well i call it life
an i’m makin sure i’m all good
n-gg- it’s hard to rich f-ck broke
i remember that bein in the hood
and i ain’t never goin back
f-ck that
got to much of what i want and need
ya you hatas we love you hate it
c-ssidy bones an eve


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