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letra de 0 to 100 bars (0 to 100 freestyle) - cassidy


imma keep it a bean, pinto
life is a b-tch but i’m that bimbo best friend tho
i stay finger f-ckin the nina she a nympho
i stick a clip in her the long kind extendo
this chick i’m with get it in yo
she said she love it when i c-m in her face it make her skin glow
i like the girl cuz she like girls but she love men tho
she play with the wii wii nintendo
im real not pretend yo you know my mo
i spaz get your -ss beat like a instrumental
you ain’t get the memo?
i ain’t have a pot to p-ss in
or a window to throw out the urine yo
so i don’t give a f-ck bout not near one of y’all
i dont bite my tongue at all i say it right in front of y’all
imma do my thing n-gga spring winter summer fall
till i’m six feet under dog cuz i’m the underdog
24/7 365 each year
i don’t even take a day off on a leap year
and n-ggas sayin that i fell off
why is y’all n-ggas on my d-ck get the h-ll off
cuz y’all so wrong i still make dope songs
been the sh-t for so long i can’t get the smell off
i still k!ll every beat i’m on
used to hide money in the mattress i was sleepin’ on
cooking c0ke in my moms kitchen
cuttin’ up on the same table we was eatin’ on
yo i know i made bad decisions
but f-ck it i was stuck in a bad position and i had a mission
if you actually listen every n-gga rappin’ say he trappin’
but the sh-t ain’t adding up and i’m a mathematician
they say numbers don’t lie right
but more cats say they trap then fiends comin’ to buy white
a blind man can see that that’s a lie right
believe nothin’ that you hear and half of whats in your eye sight
lemme elaborate
rappers exaggerate
fabricate believe in them a bad mistake cats is fake
wait, since the accident i got back in shape
but every time i put on my chain my back will ache
that’s a true story
if you ain’t talkin’ money what the f-ck can a conversation with you do for me
nothin’, i be hustlin’ i ain’t wastin’ time
cuz time money so you owe me if you wastin’ mine
and these hoes love barry but i’m married
so i let em know i can make you c-m i can’t make you mine
my wife come first so she gotta c-m first
you the runner up you wanna f-ck you gotta wait in line
my wife like v-g-n- too
she be havin’ hoes slidin’ thru bodies be phenomenal
them pretty face women
nah i can’t lie my wife get more b-tches then i do she straight pimpin’
my bars too hard for these rap cats
i’m from the school of hard knocks no backpacks
i clap gats i c-ck it back clatt clatttt
pddaaat pdddaaaat blow ya head off, katstacks
facts, i f-ckin’ murk ya
i keep hammers and ladders on me like construction workers
i never fold when the hand dealt
they wanna see me battle but i ain’t battlin’ for my d-mn health
plus why would a giant battle a d-mn elf
that can’t help man i rather battle my d-mn self
i ain’t never slackin’
but without cheddar the chicken and better compet-tion it will never happen
who got the nerve to hate
i ain’t scared to battle i’m scared if i battle imma catch a murder case
cuz them n-ggas can’t f-ck with me
if i was layin’ on the ground clowns will still look up to me
yup, and they don’t even stand up to pee
to p-ss they sit on the toilet seat them buls is sweet
f-ggot, look p-ssy what i call n-ggas
that chick nicki minaj harder then y’all n-ggas
i got a 50 cal i call tiger woods it will put holes in you the size of golf b-lls n-gga
y’all ball naw n-gga not at all n-gga
you ain’t gettin’ ka-reem like abdu jabar n-gga
you will need 10 bricks to get this car n-gga
i stay rollin’ with paper i got that raw n-gga
see my diamonds shinin from afar n-gga
the watch i rock today you can see from a block away
i pop the k sh-lls telleport
when the chopper start choppin’ it sound like you at a heliport
a dead man can’t tell in court
if you dump the body in battery acid you can’t smell the corpse
to keep it real you better keep ya mouth closed
i knock you out cold
my knuckles is like sleepin’ pills
throw the left twice
black both eyes
then the right will make it look like you got a nose job
i can see you n-ggas p-ssy with closed eyes
that’s why i’m comin’ at n-ggas necks, bow-ties
if you think i ain’t the greatest ever
you the biggest hater ever
i was born on 7 7 the 7th letter my favorite letter
cuz i’m a g boy a real mc boy
the 4 5th pop get rocked like d-boy
the pound have you spinnin’ on the ground like a b-boy
man you can’t ask funny questions and expect to get straight answers
another beat gettin’ k!llt to day
you can’t find a rapper better than me in the whole milky way
to prove to y’all that i’m still sick got on 0 to 100 with 100 bars all ill sh-t

i told y’all a’int no ‘be safe’
i seen n-ggas hittin’ me on the social media tellin’ me to k!ll this sh-t
so i had to jump on it
i’m in my bed right now
and i’m disappointed with the industry cause these n-ggas is garbage
even the n-ggas that used to be sayin’ sh-t back in the day
they sound horrible now
i’m like, what the f-ck happened
i a’int even got no inspiration
i mean, back in they day i used to be inspired by what n-ggas was sayin’, now i hear n-ggas and i get disappointed
i gotta listen to my own songs and inspire my d-mn self
if you wanna hear real bars, real punches, a n-gga talkin’ that real street sh-t, you gotta listen to me
if you listen to them other n-ggas you settlin’ for less
i’m the best