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letra de for the win freestyle - cashavist



[tag] (what, it’s gonna be okay? [?])

[verse 1]
yea that hoe say she want my kid
i start running up that bag they still figuring
yea godd-mn i took that tab now i’m jittering
too these n-ggas im they dad they my children
yea i just came in for that win
yea switch out brand new glocks we got brand new gens
yea your hoe suck my c-ck she so generous
if it ain’t bout guap imma literate
if it ain’t bout blue you can’t change my mood
i could act a fool pop out with that tool
only smoke on gas i don’t puff no juul
hit l!cks with no mask he off that k2

[verse 2]
yea drugs tell me what to do yea
hadda f-ck your hoe yea ’cause that just my mood yea
with my f-cking blood yea we f-cking bool yea
psh, pull up f-ckin shoot ya
hold on b-tch imma f-cking solider
catch me moving weight, catch me pushing boulders
your hoe p-ssy stank i just godd-mn told her
& i walk with k’s on my f-cking shoulder
i spit sh-t for day’s, i’m done

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