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letra de a show for the locos - casey masters



[verse 1]
i’m the king of this motherf-cker, so listen
i know so many people want my position
’cause i’m swinging my tail around like a big (ha)
when i’m cutting and chopping like an incision
and i’m frying a f-cker that say they big fish
told my momma i’m panning out ’cause i’m giftin’
anybody that wanna be on a hit list
like if you swear that you wanna do it, but you’re b-tching (boy)
lollygagging around
who you laughing at now?
boy you wasted a chance
so i’m taking the crown (boy)
and i’m making a stance
you ain’t making no sound
steady breaking a band
they calling me harry styles, look
’cause i’m the one they put the light on
i shined on far more than any other body that they signed on
a one way road, direction is saying miles off
trajectories like taking your watch, ’cause your time’s gone (woah)

i think we seen this all before
’cause what you reap is what you sow
they say the weak is gonna fold now
they’ll go down
watch my foes bow
[verse 2]
i need a get on the board to make bills, yo
i need two number nine’s like i was big smoke
or else i’m grilling these boys, they needin’ crisco
tryna stack up this green as tall as big show
’cause my money will rise like it was bread dough
with a company lovely making things grow
i ain’t tryna be baked, i’m tryna take notes
telling rubin i’m in it, or get rick rolled
’cause i’m fighting everybody off, even if they mega boss
if they calling me mario, throw ’em like a fireball
lighting up the firewall, you can’t hit my line up, nah
block the call and it’s adios
stopping you, but bet that i should pirate your sh-t
you ain’t get a penny from me
limewire that b-tch, make a cis go deceased
get a cease and desist, you stole my time like a leave
f-ck a retirement b-tch, there is no benefits seen (ha, ha)
i’m a menace indeed (ha, ha)
when i step on the scene
yelling through the audio, i tell a puta vamanos
melanin’s weak, but i’m the deadliest being
call me hungriest giant, ’cause i’m hangry as f-ck
i been working my ass off, been forgetting ’bout lunch
so call me goldilocks, a dirty blonde that’s picky as f-ck
i had key for the city, we grew up, knowing what’s up (what’s up)
say you’re cut throat, well then, show me
when they run mouths, they get cold feet
chase me ’round, but you won’t hold me
back ’cause i’m the one that’s to be known

i think we seen this all before
’cause what you reap is what you sow
they say the weak is gonna fold now
they’ll go down
watch my foes bow

i am livin’ la vida, but as a loco
this a show for the locos
the game in a choke-hold
never taking it slow though
not one for the strippers, but like a baker i throw dough
at investments, it grow, grow
build a team all around me, man i ain’t doin’ it solo
puttin’ on ’cause i’m home grown
man, you’re the doing the most, and if that has been told, well

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