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like seriously dude - carridale


you think it’s a secret what you’re hiding behind your
makeup, but you don’t know i had you pegged from the
start. your brain can’t keep up with your mouth, cuz it’s
runnin a marathon but it slowed it’s pace when it heard
the sound of this track blaring across the town. this is
a footnote of our disaster and it’s taking its toll. if
you keep this up there’ll be nothing left of me. oh girl,
you’re such a catastrophe. and i am seeing clear for the
very first time. my boys have had it with all your stupid
habits, i’m keeping us alive, by tearing you apart. keep
screaming in my ear i wanna know what this is all about.
but would you please try to keep it clear cuz my
attention span is running out. i’ve been thinking about
me and you and those things you always put me through.
your lies won’t be enough to save you from it you can’t
escape it. a phone call in the middle of the night calms
your nerves and you feel alright but its too little too
late as usual.