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letra de dead end youth - career soldiers


society doesn’t give a f-ck about me
turned me into a commodity
told me i was worth nothing
then they told me that i was free
don’t give a sh-t about what i have to say
turned their backs and looked the other way
pushed me into f-cking dismay
you promised me a future, but not today

dead end youth
is here to stay, society doesn’t care about me anyway
dead end youth
got nowhere to go, heading down the wrong road

dead end youth going nowhere fast, this generation won’t be the last

i look around my city there’s no hope for us
no where to turn no one to trust
i cannot believe these f-cking lies
told by my school which i despise
born into a system without any choice
the authority trying to quiet my voice
i don’t know what to do with myself any longer
each day i resist i become stronger

“son you’re an embarr-ssment, a f-cking disgrace
look at your life it’s going to waste
you sure as h-ll are going nowhere fast
time to strive for a real future, one that will last
you’re young and you don’t know anything
the doors for a real future are quickly closing
get on your knees it’s time to start kneeling”
f-ck you, i’ll keep on screaming