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letra de ngu (intro) - caps (uk)


i just picked up a key like i left the showroom
then i parked off my broom, it ain’t in a storeroom
turned down a quarter m but that’s old news
all the fiends on my phone, i could fill the o2
rappers quoting prices on a brick, they ain’t got a clue
they’re getting sh-t rates like a phone box my nitty use
i’m eating up the roads, my darg’s eating up prison food
driving round picking up monkeys like i’m in a zoo
and this phone don’t ring, it just beeps
i remember running for the bus, now i straight cash jeeps
my whip’s got more pipes than where a crackhead sleeps
couldn’t buy that in auction, they got fake antiques
right now i’m f-cking with tops but i’m an -rs- guy
she loves giving it up under starlight
i’ll spend four on a glock, three on a star nine
i ain’t talking bimma, need an m4 carbine
yo it’s battery charged the way i whip up the white girl
it’s slavery charge if they ever grab shh
i stopped serving emma, that’s original spice girl
i can’t believe i caught the b-tch running with my items
just copped a wap almost bigger than me
and the way i’m around sand you’d think i live at the beach
i’m at the stove with a nina, bout to give it a tweak
let it dry on the tissues then i pebble a piece
big pumps like bp, put you on the wall like a tv
my young g got another name on his cv
remember me and b going halves on a c3
got a c and b both spinning like cd’s
and i’m fly and i’m hot
i’m in asda with a mask on buying them pots
the last airbender the way i’m moving these rocks
schumacher in his prime, the way i’m dropping a box
my b-tch low-key like i hid a thousand grams
your b-tch goes around like my packs when they land
the way my buj ran had my nitties in a trance
that’s when i did my maths, calculated forty bands
i told my plug “stop using sellotape”
cause i always feel paro when i throw that sh-t away
i don’t make mistakes, jailhouse cells await
i could take a break, open up takeaways
i’m knocking out white like fury at wembley
i’ve been a bad yute, i was kicked out assemblies
i wouldn’t buy that brick if the stamp says fendi
w fresh home, i had to pull out the bentley
my gang’s known for them shavings, known for them tapings
smoke coming out her car like the turbo needs changing
i’m known to get beige in, o.t. i’m flaming
my reload looks like a snowman just came in