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letra de got to find a way - cappadonna


yeah, for my peoples in the struggle (what it do, yeah)
east to west, worldwide (come on, fat albert, the slick hat)
yeah, we love it (hold on to my bracelet)
i gotta find a way like grandpops with six kids
through the jungle, like them old heads, doing life bids
cuz life is, both destiny and karma
i keep beefing with my baby momma
and foul jakes to, giving me drama
all my life, yo, it’s nothing but problems
so i gotta find a way to solve ’em
remove the stress from my brain
cuz there’s gotta be a better way
to maintain the hit on the block, pushing cocaine
cracks and all that, i gotta find a way to fall back
my ribs is touching til my record label call back
so i work and focus hard and try to stay on track
with a bullsh-t security job and cds in my backpack
bags of dope up in my -ss crack, earth is in the backroom
broke vacuum, i smoke my moon
it’s the better life movement, coming soon, uh
return of the pillage
i love my babies, i love my ladies
what love is this, for money
streets shot, police on blocks
keep hot, i love money
sh-t on my new kicks, dirt on my yankee fitted
we in the c-ck pitted, it’s broke windows, on the whip, man, the cops did it
gotta find a way or else the block’s gon’ get it
the weapons on my coat smelling like weed smoke
sippin’ like bacardi gold like the fork in the road
noodles in the pot on the stove, been walking these feet
with years, look at my wounds
in the gutter, still paying my dues
return of the pillage
garbage cans, squeezing the box
racc–ns be at the door, they live with a fox
incense be burning hard, for the smell of the socks
we on the rooftops, looking for cops
half a gallon of milk and a box of pops
ya’ll don’t see what i see
sometimes you misunderstood me
the dramatic cross street blues
let a lot, see my dues
ain’t no characteristics in this sh-t (baseball hat, baseball hat)
straight bongo, my doola, it’s the foundation

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