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letra de our future - capdude


b-tches come and go
f-ck em you’ll find your own

[verse 1]
life went goofy ahh to mad in love
don’t care if it bugs you f-ck you
f-ck all of the above
make a whole bucket list of b-tch c-nts
who don’t like my stuff
well thats their problem
cause i’m mad tough
and f-ck you b-tch i’m mad rough
that’s enough
they don’t gotta know when we f-ck
our whole future is about us
they really shouldn’t give a f-ck
hey you got a problem i’m
hogging up the insomnia
reign checking on the job
look under my underwear
thanking god my nuts are still there
guess i still got goofy ahh raps
but i just don’t give a cr-p
baby you are my cure
ain’t no meds i wanna endure
just you
so curb your enthusiasm
you’re capgirl the third
ain’t no other word
to describe our love
because love is the word
yeah you get it
imma run that f-cking game
acting like i love you
but love you no more baby
so f-ck you
got my reasons
[verse 2]
your parents
they don’t really trust us
wanna close the door
but they won’t f-cking let us
that’s ok we can just love
on the down low
so they won’t know
my hand is there but got a blanket to cover us
just my luck
i’m a lucky man now
i wonder how
2 months ago i was real down
but now i got my own hoe
and i love her
so thanks bro
make it so everyone knows
not to f-cking mention every time i see you
change my mind on weather or not i like you
i think i do but your friends are kinda iffy
and sh-tty whatever i like em but i wouldn’t rather feel giddy

[verse 3]
don’t wanna p-ss em off but it’s how it goes
tackled your buddy its funny how the aggressive throws punches at me
i would have knocked him out
beat his ass on the ground
what the f-ck is army cadets
doing for you now
ain’t no doubt
don’t want no beef
just wanna sit home on my couch
thinking how i want it to be
our future may be bright it may be night it may be up it may be down so turn around don’t see no frown in this town
our future may be bright it may be night it may be up it may be down so turn around don’t see no frown in this town

[verse 4]
f-ck your friends
f-ck them all
men beat you up
doesn’t bug you at all
i wanna hold on
to you babe
but i can’t live knowing how bad it is
f-ck that sh-t
find someone else
i made it this far
i wanna say i’m stuck with you
but that’s kinda far
from day one
i liked you
now i know a hundred
other guys that like you
that may be
so maybe i’ll leave you
but i loved you
can’t throw that away now can you
wishy washy
laundry coffee
in the morning
guess where i’ll be
it may not work
and i know
i said i loved you
hundred times
you said it back
about twice
no amount of ice can fix my life
f-ck your friends
f-ck them all
men beat you up
does it bug you at all
maybe a little
i can tell
trust issues
like a spell
but im great
greater than them
but i’m too good for you
and not in the sense i’m a 10
it’s not looks
it’s just books
as in knowledge
i write the hooks
and cook the cooks
in your eyes
i see they hurt
don’t cry b-tch
can’t lie baby
i don’t love you
wanna know why
made me happy
just you and i
made me feel so alive
i see it now
i see why
you were so easy
should i let it slide
maybe we’ll see
maybe we won’t
how about that
a maybe
that i just wrote
broke the rules its what i do
i hate maybes
but i hate you too
i got some last advice
f-ck b-tches f-ck em twice
no hoe is worth a dime
no wh0re is worth your time
leave them while you can
oh trust me you’ll be glad
plenty of fish in the sea
f-ck that b-tch i’ve got plenty
this is a true story
it’s all been real
but f-ck the story
love just can’t be sealed
it’s an open wound that never heals