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letra de i'm up, you down (top to bottom) - cam'ron


[hook 2x: h-ll rell]
look up in the sky, it’s a bird it’s a plane
ahhh naaah it’s h-ll rell, he sitting on top of the game…
i’m up and you down
i’m up and you down
i’m up and you down
i’m up and you down

[h-ll rell]
“they tryna say i’m dooooown, doooown”….
no n-gga i’m uppity up, up in the truck
and i’m busting a dutch open, picture me rolling
these n-ggas get up out my way, they see this ratchet i’m holding
yeah and your career’s up and down like a see-saw
always talk about you fly, never been on a g4!
lemme bring you to the crib where we stay at for the summer
it’s a bar in the bathroom and our butler got a butler
the carpet made of mink, it’s marble in the sink
we concentrated on money, it’s hard for you to think!
tips on the ride, fifth on my side
little n-ggas look up to me like it’s a blimp in the sky
why? i don’t know i guess they feeling my swagger
like the way that i be cl!cking my clacker, whipping the batter
and gather ’round gun toters, you still shooting
let off some shots to that h-ll rell music
here’s a couple of bars for your brain cause it’s therapeutic
c-ck .45, put ya hands high
i… h-ll reezy get rid of grams easy
dress fly, sh-t on n-ggas in lamborghinis
the door’s is up, and the wh0r-‘s is sl-ts
go crazy and we scoop all of em up
and i’ma have enough money where i can bathe in it
you can’t walk in my shoes, our feet was made different!