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letra de grayson (stripped) - ​cameron lane


[verse 1]
hey, do you remember
spending two weeks of the summer
like our hips were glued
sunburnt shoulders start to soften
long since lost your number
but i still have that old picture
that i drew of you
buried under closet boxes

and maybe i needed you
more than i know
oh, grayson
where did you go?

[verse 2]
try to wish it better
but you’re curly-haired forever
until i wake up
move along like nothing’s different
it’s certainly idealist
but then maybe i could change it
by thinking hard enough
will you back like nothing happened
and maybe you needed me
more than i know
oh, grayson
where did you go?

standing in an empty bedroom
laying in an open field
everywhere i go i see you
though you never made it here
i hadn’t even thought about you
now how am i supposed to feel
when nothing that i do can make it real

[verse 3]
hey, do you remember
when it was just us together
for a week or two
but then i started shifting, slow
so i let my grip loosen
i never thought you’d do it
and i hope i’m wrong
i hope you never felt so lonely

but maybe you needed
just about anyone
oh, grayson
where did you go?