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letra de the shanty shine - caleb landry jones


bagged and sheltered, just one away from the loveless choke
my eyes go where
everyone says that they shouldn’t poke
oh, stops, straight edge
the wonder of l-st is an old friend
grudge, lodge, bait her
(we don’t want you)
only enough to get out once more
(hanging ’round)
my boys, through the spine
of my latest design
so many trees
the sun conquers me
stroked under the whale of your cure
is shе okay?
is she okay?
we see it all the timе
we got it deep inside, no, it isn’t unusual
crack begins to corner into all you know
hate to say, but it’s criminal
leave the dirt, for your world
waits and waits, beyond this one
give me what you will
i’m not here to get through it all
what’s mysterious to me
i almost always see
as the object forms outside of my head
lingers there a while ’til it fills its bed
procured by different principles
because worlds await before they form
so many things become imperial
so many little wars
wretched out the mouths of the clinical
don’t step forwards
forced past my tongue
memories so hungry and fried
last night i watched
(you’re so revered)
almost got caught
(it’s all i fear)
and you return to go again
’cause i came too close
(and laughed at more)
’cause i left our light
(just like a raging wh0re)
tore through our time, we rose above
this town on fire
so many wake up crying
constantly fumbling
and the bed goes climbing drunk
dark, the spider, stiff chunks
so drunk on the prize
money thumbed
a fever disguised
no more home for your
horses and mice
’cause your mind ain’t right
from freak to freak
it’s all (you’ll be okay)
spread, wide, re-bread
(we don’t want you)
cooking you down for the fan-fair
(hanging round no more)
i’m no stranger
(we don’t want you)
death is awake and she’s always
mimics me in time for your demented lines
these tickled tunes lye popped in my head
against so many others, say we churn them
and get closer
little by little, we tread
through the only lake i have known
an ocean goes on fire to my rise
’cause i claim the only love that i’ve ever
and so my soul goes on fighting high