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letra de cherry tree - cæcilie norby


beneath the cherry tree, that’s where you often find me
a dusty afternoon, the sun is getting lazy
i’m heaven bound, this secret place i found

beneath the cherry tree you come and sit beside me
we shared a summer tale, back then it got so crazy, and you said
“we fooled around, are your feet back on the ground?”

many years from now i’ll still recall
how blossomed white turned into red
many years from now i’ll still remember
how i blushed when we met, i still do

lean back and close your eyes and share this moment with me
under the cherry tree, have love landed on the ground?

someday you’ll disappear, i’m sentenced for a life time
you’ll whisper in my ear, “this world gets kind of hazy, i must go”
you’ll wait a while then leave me with a smile

many years from now i’ll still recall
how summer shades played on your face
many years from now i will remember
how i rushed to see this place, yeah, i still do

alone i close my eyes, imagine you’re still with me
once by the cherry tree you got me heaven bound
i’ll never get my feet back on the ground