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letra de show me your tattoo - cadillac moon


you should have never told me baby i wish that i never knew
you see i’ve got this vision in my mind and i lie awake at night thinkin’
about it
and i don’t know what to do baby, i’ve been wondering maybe there’s something
that i could do for you
and i will do anything if you’d do one thing for me i said just one thing for
please…show me your tattoo
well, i’ll take you out to dinner a romantic rendezvous.
and i’ll buy you champagne and caviar anything on the menu
now maybe for dessert, girl, you show me your tattoo
and i’ll get my bucket and my mop and i’ll clean the whole d-mn house for you
well, i’ll do your dishes, do your laundry and i’ll make them look like new
all that i’m asking in return, girl show me your tattoo
look out here we go… now i’ve seen the eiffel tower and i’ve seen the taj
and i’ve even been to china and i’ve seen the great wall
i’ve seen the pacific ocean, the statue of liberty baby, there’s one thing
that i’ve still got to see
and i’m down here on my knees. baby, i’m beggin’ you
well, would you grant me just one wish now show me your tattoo show me your
well, come on, baby. show me your tattoo.
oh, i’ll buy you a cadillac, girl. show me your tattoo
i’d do anything you want me to do. show me your tattoo
i’ll promise you the moon oh, if you’d just do one thing for me, and
show me your tattoo show me your tattoo

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