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letra de 20/20 vision - cadentoocold


[verse: cadentoocold]

see through the illusion my knowledge is now lethal
20/20 vision now i can see through the evil
violent crimes, bad addictions, and all illegal
with the regals, masen and my amigos
the coevals stopping violence we thread the needle
find peace, find peace, find peace
like i did with zaktooclean
won’t waste a minute
cause i know that i have
[chorus: cadentoocold]

gave myself too many chances
looking for the correct vision
searching far i’m on mission
gave myself too many…
(repeat 4x)

[verse: cadentoocold]

startеd rapping from the bas-m-nt
nеver changed it just tryna get a payment with entertainment
when i’m finished tryna be at the top placement
send a message through my songs i’m tryna make a statement
asking for an album already can you be patient
gotta perfect it with the right sound and arrangement
so i make a classic people listen to for ages
lemme take the torch so i can hand it off to masen

[verse: masentoocrazy]

thank you for the torch now imma light up the scene
my favorite bible verse 2nd corinthians 4:18
“fix your eyes not on what is seen but what is unseen.”
that verse kept me alive through all the bad things
gave myself too many chances
but sometimes that isn’t the worst thing for you
because learning from failure is the easiest way to
get to the top and have a real huge breakthrough
20/20 vision i can see the path clearly
in 2020 i was depressed pretty severely
there were some really tough times and i nearly
lost my footing now i got good influences near me
i don’t need glasses to see through your two-sidedness
don’t want beef anymore i’m tryna make some alliances
i’m not a real rapper i’m just out here tryin’ it
spreading positive messages hopin’ y’all are buyin’ it