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letra de first day out - c dot castro


so much dough i swear it’s hard to count it, wait, uh
n-ggas heard i’m the type to walk up like, let’s talk about it, wait
shorty with me ass so fat, you gotta walk around it, wait
that’s yo b-tch? i couldn’t tell ‘cause she had her arms around me
these n-ggas ain’t really ‘bout that life i can tell by the way they heart it pounding
coming crooked up out the mouth, i’mma send yo’ ass to the orthodontist
couldn’t wait to get up off the yard, so sick of having them guards around me
now i got nothing but stars around me, careful, ‘cause they go hard around me
uh, wasn’t f-cking with me now you all about me, huh?
uh, same ones that ignored all my calls from county, huh?
uh, said that you was looking for me, never found me, huh?
nеver thought that i’d bounce back oh so swiftly sh-ts astounding, huh?
they said thеy wanted the old me back, castro fast flow with the og raps, over ob tracks
had to get away from everybody that wanted to hold me back
when they told me that it was love it was only cap, and i don’t need that
now i’m balling like kobe, shaq screaming out f-ck all these n-ggas, where the hoes be at?
uh, point ‘em out i swear none of these n-ggas f-cking with me
sh-t ain’t sweet you wanna diss me? that sh-t something risky
thugs is with me when they see you they gon’ bust it quickly
word to nipsey, it’s a marathon we finna run the city
ok, i’m getting paid with a passion, living days i imagined
b-tches ain’t no distraction, i’m getting laid, then i’m dashing
you be steady talking, but never demonstrate it’s your actions
my n-ggas take without asking-