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letra de b - get throwed - bun


(feat. pimp c, young jeezy, jay-z, z-ro)

smoke somethin, b-tch
ugk, hold up, talkin bout, uhh

[pimp c]
pimp c pa trill n-gg-
polo f-ck that hilfiger
made myself a ghetto star
on the slab, sippin barre
smokin weed, sellin white
them other n-gg-z sh-t don’t come back right
that’s how n-gg-z get popped
trying to get the cheaper price
watch yo’ paper, guard your life
cause most these n-gg-z ain’t livin right
keep yo’ pistol, f-ck a fight
cause n-gg-z out here jack every night
i keep my mind on my money n-gg- f-ck the fame
big face hun’erds, keepin the game
hittin the corner in the candy thang
sittin on leather, grippin the grain

[chorus: z-ro + (young jeezy)]
good weed, good drink, big money, we – (aye!)
rollin in somethin’ foreign, on leather grippin grain (yeeeah!)
i handle my business so i think i deserve to get throwed, throwed

[bun b]
well i came in the door, i said it befo’
i never f-ck a hoe without head no more
i never pull up in nuttin less than a four
and i smoke cigars, it ain’t just for the show
i’m blessed from the do’, and known for my stidile
i send a n-gg- baby mamma home with a smidile
you can have the b-tch n-gg-, i ain’t sentimental
smoke weed and freestyle, no instrumental
been out, lived through the wicked streets of pa
motherf-ck the judge, prosecutor and the da
head to the h, where the hoes will f-ck three way
two way, four way, anyway the pro say
never hear a hoe say no i won’t, no i can’t
stop it and no i don’t
cause a b-tch know that i might just explode
and slap her in the face with a pie a la mode
cause a n-gg- gettin throwed

[chorus – repeat 2x]

[young jeezy]
you already know what it is, n-gg-
snowman, 16 5 a piece, n-gg- usda
i grind hard (grind hard) and play harder (play harder)
break out the pot (yup) heat up the water (d-mn!)
swear to god the minivan do tricks
hit the brakes, hit the lights and wow, there go them bricks
slide through the hood (hood!) sittin on some big wheels
n-gg-z coppin white and turn flips like cartwheels
trapstar, my nextel chirp all day (aye!)
ridin’ dirty, three nines and a four way (g-yeeeah!)


big money, mayn – we only ride the best
this one and only, big homey
tried to told you i’m thug, ha

so far i’m tourin on foreign land
worldwide i’m known for the arm & hamm-
-er, murder the streets i’m a wanted man
(but the flow’s like dope) so it’s on again
started with the block, hit it brick by brick
then i charted with the roc n-gg-, hit by hit
i’m r-t-rded with the glock n-gg-, clip by clip
the compet-tion is none, they deceased to exist
let it breathe a little bit
he’s off his rocker, he’s a lil schitz’
roll like a football, hov’ used to cook raw
now i got the game sewn like granny’s good shawl
sure, y’all n-gg-z want war
y’all got it backwards, y’all should want raw
y’all should want more (and more, and more – uhh!)

[chorus – repeat 2x]