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letra de .mpti prayer. - bucqqi


[produced by: lavanguard]

yo, d-mn n-gga, i waited for you tuesday, bro, wassup?
gimme a call, man. i’m still waitin’ on you, bro…

[verse: bucqqi]
empty prayer gettin’ sent
pray whoever give me patience and a benz
give me strength if you can’t give me my friends
give me health ’cause i can’t even feel no 10s
and give me pause ’cause if i tweak, he gon’ be dead
swimmin’ strong but i been drownin’ in my head
had to learn a lesson, i be hearin’ what momma sayin’ now
serve what shorty sniffin’, they might put me in thеm feds
can’t move like no rookiе, no, i gotta look ahead now, uh uh
give me peace, break a pill, give her taste
i been strugglin’ to tell what’s been real, what’s been fake
to whoever may be listenin’, i’m prayin’ on it, empty prayer sent your way
uh, uh
heaven knows that i repented and i paid
i swear i’m ready for my sh-t, i promise good, i won’t be late
say she prayin’ on it
empty prayer for it
empty prayer sent yo way
you hear me? you hear me? wait, pause, pause, wait. play some-

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