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letra de come here - buck munna


come here, frrt
come here, frrt
2hot boys, frrt
long live zell munna, frrt
frrt, frrt, free the getback
love live all the guys, frrt, frrt
(sbs on that track, baby)

[verse 1]
i’m from that block, been clappin’ sh-t
got shorties thirsty catchin’ vics
thought he was gang, that boy a b-tch
he got one on but ain’t do sh-t
stop all that cappin’ on the ‘net
don’t spin this b-tch, won’t make it back
go check the score, we up on that
and we still post up on the five
scoomin’ 2hot back to back
they know how my brothers act
2hot john wick in this sh-t
when we say, “go” it’s a attack
pull up jumpin’ out all black
ar-p, it hit is back
get up close, knock off his cap
d-mn, we did that n-gga bad
we was spinnin’ back to back
out here tryna catch a hat
flippin’ through blocks tryna catch another opp and leave him wet
lil’ goofy dude we made him crash
pistols blowin’, them b-tches fast
get up close and dump the mag’
that’s how we get on n-ggas ass
how you catch me? you ain’t blow
had the option, you ain’t score
but on the ‘net you do the most
caught that boy now he a ghost
hit his ass with r.i.p.s
that n-gga dead, let’s make a toast
in the streets we play for keeps
we clappin’ sh-t, don’t make that post
come here, frrt
come here, frrt
come here, frrt
come here, boy, frrt

[verse 2]
come here, b-tch, what? where you goin’?
chased him down, them switches blowin’
front too hot, my n-ggas scorin’
just threw the ‘oop, i bet he goin’
man, how i know these n-ggas sweet?
he want another? i’m just gon’ creep
pop out the bushes before he blink
then we gon’ scratch off from the scene
now we back to hittin’ blocks
tryna catch another opp, another vic’, another drop
tryna catch him on the clock
or catch him loafin’ with that thot
put that n-gga all on spot
they know how to get back rock
and we still post up on the block

come here, frrt (free the getback)
come here, frrt (long live the guys)
come here, frrt (yeah)
come here, boy, frrt (come here, boy, haha)