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letra de here he is he's gone - bubblegum octopus


here he is
oh no where’d he go now
come back friend!
we still have to
i made these party favors
i forged them from enchanted steel
i forged them in the wu-yi mountains

i strike with molten forces
i put the “pain” in “you feel pain”
can you believe this madness is real?

this party sucks now
come back and play with me

say you’re
sorry, okay
it’s fine
i f-cked your life

okay, it’s great
so fun
sarcasm ends

now my friends have all come back
i have games for everyone to share
we exist eternal joy
i know that we can all have fun down here

in the coffin, we play checkers
in the coffin, we drink soda
in the coffin, we have flashlights
in the coffin, we have fun all night (x2)

“next time i’m not going to invite you to my party, because i know you won’t show up. why don’t you just stop pretending you want to come?”