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letra de chess with the devil - bryson gray


[intro: the devil]
bryson, bryson, bryson
you think you’ve overcome
but the war has only just begun
this is only the beginning of sorrows
how much more can you stand to lose when all is lost?
but if a battle is what you want
it’s my move

[verse 1: bryson gray]
chess with the devil
he’s white and i’m black
he plays e4, he hasn’t revealed his attack
as i play the caro-kann his children tries to distract
with all the s-x and all the sin they push on all of these apps
but before i collapse
perhaps i’ll make my next move my best before i fall off thе track
he goes d4 then advancе, this my chance to get back
onlyfans models screaming for me to just chill and relax
a bottle of vodka appears, i used to sip that
i push the c p-wn again, i cannot fall for your trap, satan
the bishop put me in check, i’ve been waiting on that, satan
the knight protects the king, and you can’t get me back, satan

[chorus: bryson gray]
ima live right until them h-rns go off
he looked at me and said “well that’s your loss”
i said “you should look at what that costs”
he said “the lord is not your boss”
[interlude: the devil]
what are you willing to give up?

[verse 2: bryson gray]
he takes, i takes, we make the exchange
he takes my p-wn on c5, he thought that i let it hang
bring out the queen, that’s a check as i yell out god’s name
i told him “this for yahweh, so don’t thinks it’s a game”
he blocks with the knight, okay
i pick up the p-wn
serpents in my grass, right now mowing the lawn
he brings out the other knight, if it’s on then it’s on
i pin his knight to his queen with my bishop, we strong

[bridge: bryson gray]
devil thought i was the old me
he dead, now my flesh can’t control me
what’s that? yeah the holy spirit told me
that you at my feet, get below me (ooh)

[verse 3: bryson gray]
he tried to send thots my way but i blocked that
don’t you know i got a wife satan? yeah i locked that
he tried to entice me with p-rn, i don’t watch that
and i got the armor on, i’m ready for combat
he wanna queen trade, okay let’s get it
he takes with the knight, as i bring back my bishop
your other knight to e2, i don’t know why he did it
i push the e p-wn, he push the c p-wn with the quickness
now my p-wn attacking his knight
he takes it back to f3, i know that we in a fight
i go to knight e7, now i think the timing is right
he takes his knight to g5, wait now you in my sights
push the f p-wn, you gon’ give me somethin’ for free
he takes the knight back, hm, well okay let me see
knight to c6, the p-wn has to do something on e
he brings the bishop out to guard it, now i’m sensing defeat
g p-wn to threaten bishop, now he has to retreat
to the g square, push the p-wn again, his knight feel the heat
he takes it to d, okay now the p-wn looking sweet
knight takes, bishop takes, p-wn takes, boy you weak
[pre-chorus: bryson gray]
satan what you doing, ’cause it’s time?
and we know who wins so you might as well resign
we getting to the end, do you not see the sign?
guess not, ’cause we know you lead the blind

[chorus: bryson gray & the devil]
ima live right until them h-rns go off
he looked at me and said “well that’s your loss”
i said “you should look at what that costs”
he said “the lord is not your boss”

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