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golden town - brutus


my mind keeps me drifting away
leading me to deception and i’m doing
the best i can
ain’t much because i’m dreaming
when i make it to the golden town
a place where i am real
like i ought to feel
and i float away
you smile you lay me down
i am floating away
for a long, long time
and my mind tells me what i should do
i never answered it the right way
never told my mind the story right
it never made me go the same way
as the dreams they came to play
i lost my path in learning how
i made it easy to believe myself
and i flew away
you let me show you how
i’m still drifting away
you leave me behind
and after all this time
in my golden town
i’m left behind
i am giving my all, can’t you see i’m trying
i’m doing all that i can, still wasted on flying
you say i bring you down, bring you down
so i bring you down, bring you down
so i’m doing the best i can but i can’t stop dreaming
i need my time when i’m not afraid
when i’m putting on my golden crown
that when i’m leaving.