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letra de stop the press - brother ali


stop the press

another one of them long -ss breaks. d-mn, brother ali where the h-ll you been? what, you disappear?

stop the presses give me couple seconds
let tell my friends what’s up with big brethren
new year new beard a new record
made a few adjustments i want to discuss it

in a life of pain and sadness
never would’ve guessed that a taste of success
would’ve been the first time i ever got depressed
i know i’m blessed i just couldn’t adjust

in life all i ever knew how to do is fight
scr-pped on the playground fighting for the mic
trying to build a life with an insane wife
fighting for a little bit of time in the light

then i got a daughter a car and house
no one left to fight with but myself
gained a lot of weight wasn’t thinking about my health
maybe the music i’m making could help

i can’t drive ‘cause this albino sh-t
told you i was legally blind that’s legit
i ain’t want ant to have to come scoop the kid
so i bought a crib a couple blocks from his

that’s the greatest friend i ever had
like a brother to me a borderline dad
maybe making a record will get me on track
help fix whatever’s wrong with my head

i jumped back in the bas-m-nt at once
made the alb-m us in a couple of months
but i can’t lie to y’all i felt lost
energy i brought might’ve been a bit off

couple great moments though of course
babygirl puppy love and the travelers
i toured two years off that alb-m
was on the road ten months out of one of them

did the globe with my brother bk
my life coach slash dj
literally been with me since day one
had a lot of hard times had a lot of fun

long story short he got h-ll of a wife
catastrophe d-mn near ended her life
brought our wifeys out to hawaii
these f-ckers got pregnant on waikiki

he said “i need to talk to you ali
this is what you were born to do, but not me”
so after soundset two thousand and ten
say goodbye to my deejay but not my friend

my career ain’t stop it just grew
i rock(ed) the bells and glastonbury too
close enough to smell beyonce’s perfume
but it just ain’t the same without dude

couldn’t slow me down no lord
stayed on the planes and the busses and cars
brought a young dj into the squad
sucker quit on me cause i toured too hard “wahhhh”

on to the next one
then me and ant had trouble connecting
if i was here then he was always there
touring or recording with atmosphere

what the h-ll’s goin on with my career
within a year my team disappeared
got a phone call on the 4th of july
my dad died, he committed suicide

sh-t should’ve been there for him
had to fly home from europe to bury him
im sorry, i need a minute
bismillah…) alright, listen

trying to hold this marriage together
but me and my baby barely see each other
i’m in france with the fans taking pictures
she’s with the kids making dinner doing dishes

she ain’t got to worry bout me scr-w-ng other [?]
but that ain’t enough to make a woman feel precious
if we don’t start to intersecting
we got no choice but grow in different directions -d-mn

i got that phone call again
you know the kind you never want to get
mikey’s mom couldn’t get a hold of him
and found him dead in his apartment

just drowning in tears
probably won’t get over that in all my years
i’ll remember forever
a day later boarded a plane to mecca

and the next month changed my life
listening to god in the holy sites
inklings i had all my life
suddenly presented themselves in plain sight

any doubts i had about the mic
and whether or not what i write is right
fell out of sight like the tears on the floor
now i’m going harder than i ever did before

got a couple of beat tapes from jake
genuine dude and his music is great
i told zach to hold my tour dates
roll the tape i got something to say

so, i’m gonna go make this alb-m. let me start it off right though

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