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letra de reverie - brooke fraser


i’m having trouble remembering where the lines cross your face
your smile is fading from memory
won’t you hurry back and fill that sp-ce again?

i’m waiting, watching the water, quietly willing the phone to ring
i suspect this healthy silence
will continue a few days yet, a few days yet

i miss you, i miss you
i’m over now, i’m through
i miss you

i’m hanging here just reminiscing
about all the things you said to me
hoping you plan on returning to interrupt my reverie


you’re sweet, sweeter than honey tea
you’re precious and worth more than gold to me
i know i acted selfishly
come on home

i’ll beg and plead if you need me to
i’m head over heels over feet for you
gonna have you wed by the end of this tune
well, i hope…

i miss you, i miss you
don’t say we’re done
we ain’t through

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