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letra de ​pax - ​broken (imsg)


my friends are d-cks
i hate em all, hate em all
and their, and their animals, animals
one gon switch, two gon dip, three gon go to a whole other clique
you act like we’re cool still but i really hate you
all the sh-t i did for you, got a girl to date you
you said that i need that, but i really need thrax
rollin up a big pack, that boy is a big f-g
it’s always drama, on top of other sh-t
like get your mama, cuz she’s a f-cking b-tch
like she ain’t raise you right, that sh-t gon get me tight
like if you tryna fight, let me f-ckin know
i get that i cheated
i get that i cheated, but b-tch you left me bleedin
first one that i dated rеally hates me for no reason
how thе f-ck you switching up, you committing f-ckin treason
second one i got dubbed by left me leakin
every time i see her, you know i get her peakin
third one it hurt the most, third one it made me go ghost
i went inactive, she’s so attractive
i would text her everyday, b-tch i was active
then she broke my heart and then i went up and did adlibs
you think that i give a f-ck about a b-tch i’m actin
never lackin, he a nerd like pax10