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letra de fox - brightly


[verse 1: charlie gleason]
i met a fox on a road that i crossed
in a park that i’ve seen in a pitch-black dream
and she asked my name, ’cause we seemed the same
we both liked the sea and old movies

[verse 2: charlie gleason]
so we got along, though we hummed different songs
she wrote on my arm little messages
like “h-llo, goodbye” and “see that blue sky”
and i was amazed at her dexterity
[chorus: charlie gleason]
oh hoo, fox
oh hoo, fox

[verse 3: charlie gleason, renee cassar, ]

(she’d roll) she rolled

[verse 4: charlie gleason, ]

and the

[pre-chorus: charlie gleason, ]

[chorus: charlie gleason, ]
[outro: charlie gleason]
oh ho whoa, oh
oh, i, oh whoa