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letra de behind your words of righteousness - bridge to solace


this is something i definitely wouldn’t call boys fun at all.

and it’s just godd-mn ironic, how you blame the cross and the book of lies for your earthly miseries, but in all of a sudden, you’re ready to speak their f-cking words, whenever it comes down to the rights of someone else’s body, who you probably never met, never saw and of course never even talked to.

f-ck yeah, just go ahead and keep your f-cked up theories of life, and do your f-cking best to talk for something to happen, what you have absolutely no clue of.

i just wonder what the f-ck you’re looking for, in a so called progressive movement, screaming slogans of totally f-cked up righteousness.

and sure, just go and wage this war against their bodies and their minds.

probably you don’t care if it was an accident or rape, living being vs.

living being, one or both ends up being the victim of our everydays, one or both ends up being the victim of this f-cking system.

dude you’re so godd-mn f-cking lame.