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letra de little cosmic girl - brett dennen


“little cosmic girl”

when you’re sleeping, safe from harm
what you do dream about when you’re in my arms?
all through the night the world was spinning
at the speed of light
wars were fought, while i held you tight

you fell deep into an untamed sleep
when the moon begin to creep
and the comets keep their promises
while the constellations weep

little cosmic girl, isn’t it a big world?
say, don’t you worry about the little things
don’t let the daylight rob your dreams
little cosmic girl, isn’t it a wild world?
there is love and there is sadness
and there are miracles and madness
and we may never understand
no we may never understand

we are traveling in a minstrel’s circus
in that caravan across the universe
all at once our bitter grudges
were put to rest
deaths were mourned, while births were blessed
are we an accident in time
or part of a grand design
press your body close to mine

[chorus x2]

tell me do you believe, my little cosmic girl, in what you cannot see

do you believe [3x] in what you cannot see, my little cosmic girl
[repeats to fade out]