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letra de keep quiet shhhh - brennan jones


uh huh, told that ho to hush
who do i trust? me!

[verse 1]
boy, you best keep quiet when we slide in that ride
mmm hmm, you know i’m gon’ do it, you can see it in my eyes
i’ll pay that price, just tell me what the cost
i been breathin’ more gas than the holocaust
huh, my hoes, they ridin’ just like a rollercoaster
i done f-cked my stomach, i need to stop sippin’
yuh, these new jeans, yeah, they cost a ticket
supporting my brothers like i’m kenny pickett
yeah, i’m in my city, b-tch, you f-ckin’ wit’ me
tell ’em, “chill out all that dissin'”, it might get wicked
pull up on him, take his clothes, lеft that boy naked
i ain’t worried ’bout the futurе, know one day i’mma make it

uh, uh, know one day i’mma make it

[verse 2]
they askin’ why i’m happy, ’cause that money comin’ in
i’m rockin’ dior jeans, yeah, my pants be fittin’ slim
i need to hit that ho back, yeah, it’s been a minute
you can’t see me when i slide ’cause my windows tinted
if you ask how i got that ride, i’m gon’ say it’s rented
throw them racks up, i don’t give a f-ck
huh, yeah, that ho pull up, yeah, i need yo’ b-tt
uh, you can’t stay the night, i’m just tryna nut
huh, i’m just tryna nut
i don’t give a f-ck
just tryna nut
yeah, huh, i told that ho to hush
who do i trust? me!

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