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letra de get back - breezo sweeps


(g-g-get to the money)
uh huh, yeah

[breezo sweeps: verse]
bendin’ through 5th tryna see who i see
i think i see [?], throw on the beam
shot after shot, screaming “free g”
she a lil ‘ooter, got hands on the broom
rundown gang, i pull up my ski
she said she a fan, but i already peep
fly out to cali when i want me some peace
guns get to sparking [?]

she shakin’ her hips, she get [?]
neaky a rat, i heard he turn on his p’s
she told me come beat on her [?] before i leave
i dont need pills, just watch how i geek
this b-tch get nasty wherever we at
shе like to f-ck, she throwing it back
dont run, baby let mе know when u come
u could be in my [?], just hold to my gun

bullets fast, better run
smoking notti, this sh-t punch
she like breezo, where you from
she get neaky, tryna have fun
pull up my mask, i’m bouta dump
i’m on dat block, till i’m rich
walk up gang, knocka got a kick
if boy reach, boy gettin’ hit
we on 12, for some rec
[?] got tagged, got hit in his chest
she a treesh, can’t lay in my bed
nazzy dead, resting in p-ss
catch me a yagi, ima do him like [?]
notti bopping, she shakin’ her hips
got bands on me, where is saks
put the beam on, now he a pack

[sdot go: verse]
bend through they block, i dont know where they been at
deuce fya, bet this sh-t make ’em sit back
boy got shot, who the f-ck did that? like
beam on a g, hit his six-pack
i get active, like f-ck all the chit-chat
if i throw 2, i bet n0body fl!ck back
ayo g, put the beam on his-
like, watch how they run when i get back

bullets is breaking like kit-kats, like
eli got shot, hope they feel that
i’m on the may, c-cking my still back
when i get to fl!cking, everybody get back
i up first, no i dont wanna miss that
i’m on his body, i fl!ck where his b-tch at
like like, dont wanna chit-chat, like
bet you i give em a sit back
[sk rollaxk: verse]
like, [?] gon go in a box
tryna reach, i’m backing out the knock
like, free woody go kuu in the spot
screaming out skiyee while sweeping out the block
like, no it was [?]

in that field, toting on still
shot down dead, n-gga can’t even heal
spinning that opp block, like a wheel
like, p-ssy get swept off his hills
look up, this sh-t real
like, throw at that automobile
we done trooped it on feet to the field
road to the millions, get deady off millz

if he up, you know i’m throwing counter
can’t get it in, i’mma spin on a bouncer
n-ggas be ‘ooters, from the [?]

[breezo sweeps & sk rollaxk]
pop out the cut, like where they at
im on the nixk, tryna catch me a makk

me and bro throwing, going back to back
like, he could get hit with the strap
[?] dead, he ain’t coming back
shot after shot, going back to back

[?] and i’m smoking on matt
don’t [?] throwing on [?]


free sdot go
free nazzy n-gga
free all the sweeps

(like grah, grah, grah
free the f-cking sweepers n-gga
n-ggas know how we rocking
n-ggas know how we bleeding n-gga
free the f-cking sweepers
yall n-ggas know wassup man, c’mere)

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